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Best Automatic Ball Throwers for Dogs

This article will take you to the wonderful world of automatic ball throwers for dogs. As a pet owner, you need to learn about these products. They are used for your dogs to chase as well as fetch. However, it may be a hard task for many owners to choose the best one due to a wide range of products available in the market. Let’s check out this article to get the list of best automatic ball throwers for dogs today.

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Things to consider when choosing a dog ball launcher

Size of your dog

We recommend you to choose the iFetch. It’s a good choice for small to medium sized dogs. And, if you are looking for ones for large dogs, we highly recommend the GoDogGo shoot tennis ball. You also need to consider the space available you have when choosing an automatic ball thrower for dogs. The iFetch offers a different setting for distances of 10, 20, or 30 feet.


If you want a product for a more affordable price, you should choose the iFetch instead of the GODogGo. If possible, choose the more expensive one because it can be used for years to come. If you have to choose a product on your budget, we recommend you to choose the non-automated ones by companies such as Hyper Pet or ChuckIt.

The distance settings

Almost all of the automatic ball throwers for dogs are ideal for both the outdoor and the indoor use. They normally are available in 2 choices, including the AC power and the battery operation. Therefore, it’s important to consider the distance setting when choosing the best ball throwers for dogs. If you are looking for something for the outdoors use, it’s better to choose ones with the furthest distance settings. On the contrary, it’s great to choose a small one for use inside the house.

The ease of training

You want to train your dog to use it on his own. For this case, you should consider choosing the automatic ball launchers with the wide ball chutes. We advise you to look for products that come with a larger chute. It will make your training become easier. You can choose the GoDogGo for this factor. Another important thing to pay attention to is the sound. The fact is that your dog may get nervous around objects that produce noises. So, it’s essential to choose ones with the quite noise.

Should you choose cheaper Ball launchers?

While there is a wide range of high-quality throwers for dogs, there are also a lot of poor-quality throwers currently. It’s not hard to identify so as to avoid them. The best way is to read all reviews of automatic ball throwers on the websites like Amazon. Avoid choosing products that have negative reviews at all. You should choose the well-known brands of automatic ball throwers. They can bring a great difference in performance and quality. Investing in a reliable model is also a great way to save your money.

List of Best Automatic Ball Throwers for Dogs


This brand may be considered as the king of the automatic ball thrower on the market today. In fact, this product can be able to shoot balls far. In addition, it looks cool as well. It’s a sturdy product. Moreover, the iFetch is a flexible product. You can use it as an indoor or outdoor product. It also allows you to plug it into the wall. It can be able to work up to 30 hours of life without needing to replace the batteries. It offers you small and softballs. So, you needn’t worry that it can hurt your pet.


source: godoggo

This product is also a popular product with a few advantages over the iFetch. It comes with a bright green ball bucket. It’s available in a sharp black body. The GoDogGo is versatile, so it allows for shooting different kinds of balls. It can be able to work well outdoors. As mentioned above, this product is more expensive than the iFetch. However, it has a nice color as well as appearance.

iFetch Too

If you are looking for a product for medium to large-sized dogs, it’s best to choose the iFetch Too. This product is bigger and more powerful than the previous products. It has balls sized of regulation tennis balls. So, it’s easy to replace them if you want. It’s about 12 inches tall. It’s used for the longest distances up to 40 feet. The iFetch Too comes with a rechargeable battery. So, you can save money on investing in new batteries all the time. You can choose this brand for many breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Border Collies, and Italian Mastiffs.

PetSafe Ball Launcher

PetSafe is popular on the market from 2016. You can use it as an alternative to the iFetch Too. It offers tennis ball-sized balls. You can see it in grey and purple color scheme. There are available in nine different distance settings. Also, it has six angle settings. You can use it in small spaces. Moreover, it also allows you to use it in a big park or backyard. However, some customers claim that this option is not as durable as they expected. This product is cheaper than the iFetch Too.

Paws and Pals Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

This product offers the adjustable distance of 10, 20, or 30 feet. It comes with no remote. However, it has features that others don’t have. It just takes the balls of 2 inches. If you are looking for a product for your wallet, it may be a good option for you. However, this is not perfect for a big dog. The Paws and Pals don’t require batteries because it‘s a rechargeable product.

The iDogmate Midi

This is one of the new automatic ball throwers for dogs on the market today. It allows you to use a standard sized tennis ball. In addition, it has a remote with an adjustable range setting. However, some owners claim that the iDogmate Midi is not a durable option as they hoped. If the money is not a problem, you can choose it because it’s actually one of the most expensive choices out there.


This unit weighs 5.6lbs. It’s easy to operate. You can use it for both indoors and outdoors use. Moreover, its price is affordable. It has no batteries. It comes in a pet-friendly design. There is a big opening on the top. So, your dog can easily place the ball inside. There are three different distance settings available. You can use it both outside and inside. It comes with the power cord as well as the rechargeable batteries. There are three smooth balls for more fun. This is a perfect choice for those who are finding a good ball launcher for the budget.


It comes in a sleek design and an attractive look. It comes with a plastic plate on the side. So, you can provide your pet with his favorite foods. Another great thing about this product is the included Lithium-ion battery. It allows you to use it in the yard. This is a great choice for active dogs.

Gotcha Talking

If you are shopping for a compact and affordable ball launcher, let’s take a consideration for this product. It’s ideal for small dogs. The balls are also very small. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. There are two different power options. They include the C batteries and an AC power adapter. Especially, your dog will hear ‘Good Dog’ from the Gotcha before launching the ball. It’s ideal for your dog to fetch for hours. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price.

BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

The BazooK has a cool look. It offers good efficiency. It promises to give your dog a fun experience. If you have kids, this is a great choice. It is made of safe plastic. It offers the storage space for extra tennis balls. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use the book. Plus, it’s affordable.

Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon

It weighs 4 ounces. This is an affordable and efficient choice. So, it’s ideal for those who want to save money. There is no complaint when it comes to the Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon. It has a sleek look. With this option, you can launch balls about 60 feet away. It comes with the chute at the end. It allows you to collect the balls up straight from the ground. It’s actually an effective ball thrower.


Well, Automatic dog ball throwers are actually pretty impressive. They offer your dog the necessary entertainment. Moreover, they are great for improving your dog’s coordination as well as his health. As long as your dog knows how to use it, he won’t stop playing with it. Believe me! Our favorite choice is the iFetch. They are available in both the small and the big model. All of the products we’ve mentioned above feature a fantastic design. They allow you to easily use. If you are looking for a model for your German Sheperd or Neapolitan Mastiff, we recommend the iFetch Too. Depending on your needs, choose a suitable model.

Best Fetch Toys for Dogs

One of the most important things for your dog is the toy. In fact, by choosing the proper toys for your dog can help him become better-rounded pooches. Now, there are many choices of fetch toys for dogs out there. Keep reading this post, we will help you to look for the best suitable one for your dog’s style and breed.

Choose Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

The fetch toys for dogs can be made from many materials intended for heavy chewers. For examples, they can be made of heavy duty nylon as well as durable hard rubber materials. These materials are commonly used in the toughest dog toys in the market today. Some of them are rope. This is also a perfect material for heavy chewers. They are made of thick cotton threads. Moreover, they can be able to help clean your dog’s teeth.

Importance of Dog Toys

Toys are beneficial for your dog. They can be able to help him to achieve the full growth potential. Indeed, they can help him in term of their emotional, optimum physical, mental, cognitive, spatial development, social, and more.

Satisfy your dog’s innate need for chewing

Your dog actually is keen on chewing. In order to prevent your dog from chewing your carpet or furniture, you should give him toys to chew on and training him to use it as a toy.

Help to soothe your dog’s teething issues

Many dog toys have soft yet firm ridges. They are great choices for providing temporary relief to your teething puppies.

Alleviates separation anxiety

This may be one of the most important reasons why you should give your dog toys. Toys can help your pet to get through the separation anxiety. These toys are ideal for providing companionship for your dog, especially when he wants to associate the dog toy with moments spent with you.

Aids in weight management

Many dog toys are available in interactive designs, the form of puzzles, and treat dispensers. Normally, we only need to toss the dog their treats. But, there are also many toys we need to give our dogs some challenge to work for the treat.  For examples, it may be a good idea to hide our dog’s treats inside the toys. This will be up to our dog to learn how to get the treat out of the toy. So, these toys can help to manage your dog’s ideal body weights.

Benefits for crate training

Your dog’s favorite toys can help him in the early stages of crate training. These toys are actually similar to the security blanket of pre-schoolers and toddlers. Your dog will feel more comfortable with their blankie with him. By providing your dog a toy associated with comfort, he will want to stay inside the crate.

Prevent your dog from digging and barking

The fact is that many dogs come with a lot of misbehavior. So, consider giving them their favorite toys. Then, they won’t bark and dig because they now have something to play with.

Things to Consider when Choosing Dog Toys

There are some important factors you should consider when choosing a dog toy. Here are the main things you need to consider before purchasing dog toys.

Your dog’s age

This factor is important so that you know you should choose a soft one that won’t damage your dog’s teeth. If your dog is already teething, you can choose a firmer texture. If he has passed the teething stage, you can choose a harder toy.

Your dog’s chew behaviour

This is also an important thing to consider to choose the right choice for your dog. In fact, many dogs tend to take an occasional swipe at an item. Some others may tear and shred the items by really latching onto them. However, there are some dogs that will not be passive or aggressive. So, you need to evaluate the kind of chew behaviour your dog has before choosing the right toys for him.

Size of the toy

By choosing the right size for your dog’s toy, you will get many benefits. If you choose a too small toy, it can get the risk of choking or intestinal obstruction. On the contrary, if you choose a too large one, your dog won’t be able to get the toy into his mouth. So, it’s important to look for ones that your pet can easily pick up with his mouth.

Soft on teeth

It’s essential to choose a toy that doesn’t chip or break your dog teeth when he catches, chews or plays tug on it.

Easy to throw

The toy you choose should give your dog a good feel. Also, it is thrown far.

Fun in water

It’s best to look for a toy that can float in water so that you can use it both in water and on land.


You should choose dog toys that allow you to clean.

Non-toxic materials

These toys should be made of no BPA, PVS, melamine, phthalate, chromium, lead, as well as other chemicals.

Best Fetch Toy for Dogs

Ourpets IQ Treat Ball Toy

This toy is like an exercise ball for your dog. It’s made of durable materials. It’s a great toy for your pet pooch. This choice is a popular choice because it’s easy to wash. In addition, it offers an easy-twist opening mechanism. Thus, you can clean the insides of the toy. The toy offers fully adjustable levels of difficulty.

JW Pet Company Mini Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

This toy is a good combination of the indestructible and fun nature of balls. The Kong Classic is available in a basket-weave design. So, it allows treats to easily pass through the holes. Sure, your dog will be keen on playing with this toy. In addition, this option also functions as a teething dog toy. The toy is perfect for moderate or average chewers. Moreover, it provides unpredictability in bounce.

Booda Fresh N Floss 3 Knot Tug Rope Dog Toy

This product is different from other tug ropes in the market today. It comes with a super-tough fibrous construction. Moreover, this toy contains baking soda that’s great for preventing the proliferation of tartar. In addition, it has no a nylon construction. Instead, it comes in pet-safe cotton fibers.  This is ideal for dogs that have sensitive teeth and gums.

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy

This toy is not a dog chew as a healthy and yummy treat. This product is made of indestructible nylon material. But, the toy is laced with real food ingredients, including chicken, bacon, and peanut. So, your dog will enjoy chewing on it. If you are looking for a dog toy for heavyweight chewers, the Benebone is made for you. However, this toy is not safe at all.

Kong Air Dog Fetch Stick

This is one of the most popular brands of fetch toys for dogs. It looks like a stick. However, it is as soft as a tennis ball. It comes with a rope attached to the end. Especially, this toy is able to float in the water. So, it’s also a good choice if you want to bring it to the dog beach. Plus, the toy is an affordable choice.

Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot Fetch Toy

With this toy, you can launch small balls for fetching fun. Like the Kong toy, this product also can float in the water. So, it’s ideal for use in water or on land. Its cost is super cheap. The Ball has satisfied many pet owners.

Dog Tennis Balls 12-pack

There are differences between dog tennis balls and regular tennis balls. These balls are made of strong rubber and durable felt. So, your dog can chew it without damaging it. They are also long-lasting. Like the Kong and Pro Ball, this toy is also an affordable one. So, this is a good gift for dogs that love to fetch balls.

The iFetch

This is one of our favorite automatic dog ball launchers. With the iFetch, you can train your furry friend to drop the balls into the machine. This toy seems to be expensive a bit. However, it’s a worthy investment for dogs that love to fetch.

ChuckIt- Dog Toy Launch Bundle

This is one of our favorite dog ball launchers. It’s considered to be a great gift for dogs. There are 9 balls that are available in various colors as well as styles.

Pooch Perks Dog Gift Box

This toy is popular for many years because it’s convenient as well as fun. In order to buy the Pooch Perks Dog Gift Box, you may have to cost range from $20-50 (included shipping cost). There is no preservatives as well as artificial coloring.

West Paw Tizzi

This toy comes in a sleek design. It has a plenty of space to keep treats inside. In addition, the West Paw Tizzi allows you to wash safely. Plus, the toy is recyclable and non-toxic.

Orbee Tough Zoom Flyer

This toy normally travels far when you toss it. It’s very soft. So, your dog can comfortably catch in on the mouth. It also can float in the water. For the Orbee Tough Zoom Flyer, you have to pay $18.

Eco Fly and Tug

This toy is a good choice for dogs that like to chew. Its outer layer is made from natural as well as sustainable hemp canvas. You can take it for beach because it can float in the water. It costs $12.

Orka Flyer

This toy is one of the most durable fetch toys for dogs. It’s easy to grip these discs. Also, your dog can easily pick up it on his mouth. You can let your dog fetch with this toy for hours. It only costs $11.

Kurgo Skipping StonesKatie’s Bumpers Original Bumper Hose Toy

The Kurgo is made of a recycled fire hose. It can be able to float in water. It comes with a rope of 12″. Therefore, you can easily toss it for your dog. For this one, you have to pay $20.

How to Train Your Dog to Fetch

In fact, training a dog to fetch is an ideal method to build a bond with him. Also, this way is a great choice to release pent-up energy. If you have a sporting dog, you can teach your dog to fetch. Then, he can help you to perform certain tasks. It’s not too hard to learn how to train your dog to fetch. Let’s take a look at this article to learn how to train your dog to fetch using rewards.

How to Train a Puppy to Fetch

In order to train your dog to fetch, you need to give him a bit from other commands. Indeed, your dog needs to know how to follow a thrown item, and then use his mouth to pick it up. One of the best methods for this task is a method called back chaining. You can teach your pet by giving him a fetch toy, dummy, or ball. Teach him to take it by wriggling it around. Once your dog gets the fetching item, immediately praise as well as treat the moment your dog. It’s best to repeat this several times. Once again, praise him when he drops the item in your hands. If possible, you should entice your furry friend to pick up the fetching item again. Continue playing the game by repeating the above steps several times. For the next level you can teach him to use automatic balls launching machine.

Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Start with chasing

First, you need to teach your dog to chase after the item you want him to fetch. You can do this in three ways. You can provide your dog treats, affection, or play for retrieving the chosen object. It’s essential to encourage him to go after the object he needs to fetch. Once he takes it, reward him with a wonderful gift. Then, take the item away. Repeat this a few times until your dog can chase the object.

Add extra motivation

In order to encourage your dog to give chase more, it’s best to keep your dog back after throwing the toy. Of course, he will tug against you. Most importantly, don’t forget to offer verbal encouragement while your dog is doing this.


After your dog can chase the item you give him to fetch, you need to teach him to bring it back to you. You can do many different things depending on your pet’s behavior. Once he doesn’t bring it back at all, it’s time to use a second toy. This way purposes to help your dog to get accustomed to the idea of running back to you.

Avoiding “keep away”

Many dogs are keen on catching the object as well as running off with it, you may need a help from a rope. When your dog catches the item, he surely pulls it towards you. You have to encourage your dog to follow you. If your dog can’t do that, you still should praise him. Next, toss the object again.  Then, repeat all the steps above. You may have to do this for a few weeks.

Getting the object back

If your dog, unfortunately, drops the object before reaching you, don’t be angry. Instead, you should back away and ask him to bring it. When he reaches the target, there’s no reason why you don’t offer him praise. Next, toss the item again.

Pick something your dog likes

Most importantly, your dog normally doesn’t like to chase after something if he doesn’t want it. Therefore, a great way is to experiment with different objects such as sticks, Frisbees, or balls. Then, you can determine the best one he is interested in.

Deal With Popular Puppy Fetch Problems

Not all dogs are keen on the fetching toy. There are some common problems you can see when training your dog to fetch. There is a complex chain of behaviors. In fact, some dogs are very picky about the items to fetch. That’s why you should try a variety of fetching toys. They should be from different shapes, sizes, and materials such as Frisbee, Kongs icon, dummies, dumbbell, tennis balls, and more. Another popular problem you may have to face is a tendency to want to play “keep away”. For this problem, we recommend you to try to call your dog and provide him with another toy. It’s best to make it extra appealing. If you see your dog drops the toy too early, you need to keep your dog out of sight the treats icon. By this way, you can make your dog come towards you with the toy in his mouth.

Benefits of Training Your Dog to Fetch

You can get many benefits from learning how to train your dog to fetch. If your dog loves to fetch, we advise you to enroll him in Flyball. This is actually a popular canine sport. Your dog has the opportunity to get plenty of exercises. In addition, by training your dog to fetch, you can also get an item for you. This trick is also great for you to impress family and friends. Moreover, this way is ideal to form a stronger bond.

Best Dogs for Throw and Fetch Game

As a pet owner, we can play fetch with our dogs to bond and exercise. Most of us prefer to use our favorite toys for this game. Some dogs are good at playing fetch, catching the toy out of midair, and jumping. However, it may be hard to decide the right breed for you. In fact, most smart, energetic, and playful dogs love to fetch.  Check out this post to learn about the best dogs for fetch.

Decide the Breeds for Fetch

Border Collie

These dogs are playful, energetic, and smart dogs. Most of them like to fetch. Also, they are trainable as long as you give them new skills. Like Border Collie, you can also choose the Australian cattle dog. They are also smart and energetic.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are famous for their friendliness and intelligence. They can be able to make great family dogs due to these qualities. In addition, these dogs are famous for their retrieving skills. So, they become one of the best dogs for learning to play fetch. You can also choose a standard poodle for families. This breed also loves to fetch

Rat Terrier

If you are looking for a smaller breed for fetch, consider choosing a rat terrier. They can be able to hunt down small rodents. They are great choices for fetch due to their hunting nature. These dogs are smaller than other breeds.

English Springer Spaniel

This is a good choice for those who are looking for a medium-sized hunter. This breed is great for fetch. In fact, these dogs come with a good deal of energy. Also, they like to run as well as play with their families. For the English Springer Spaniel, they can weigh up to 45 pounds.

Bernese mountain dog

These dogs actually work on farms. That’s why they are listed here as one of the best choices for fetch. However, the Bernese tends to be calmer than other breeds. They are a good choice for families because they like to be around people.

Australian Shepherd

Like the Border Collie, these dogs are smart dogs. They can be able to work well in competitions. Furthermore, these dogs are also a loving family pet. They offer plenty of energy. So, they are an ideal choice for fetch.

Belgian Malinois

If you are looking for a good dog for fetch, you can choose the Belgian Malinois. This dog requires ample exercise time and mental stimulation for being happy and healthy.

Miniature Schnauzer

This dog also loves to fetch. These dogs are energetic dogs. They need playtime as well as interaction. So, they also love play fetch. Plus, the Miniature Schnauzer comes with a heart for human play time.

Nova Scotia Duck

This one is also worthy to be on our list today. These dogs have high energy. Especially, this breed is very responsive as well as incredibly friendly. They can be able to play for hours, including a game of fetch. Furthermore, this dog breed is very adorable with a beautiful coat.

Make sure you choose the Right Breed for You

Choose a dog breed that suits your lifestyle

It’s not best to choose a high-energy medium-to-large dog. You need to choose a breed depending on the time you will devote to your dog. If you have time to take your furry friend for a long walk or run regularly, you should choose this type of breed. These dogs can be able to walk or exercise regularly.

Skip smart breeds if you don’t have time

If you have a dog like border collies, you need to provide him a lot of attention and devotion as well. For this type, you need to have the resources and energy in order to devote them once you want to adopt one.

Don’t choose Golden Retriever if you look for a more mature dog

These dogs are actually perfect choices because they’re very friendly. But, these dogs stay in puppy mentality for longer than different dogs. This process may be up to 4 years. So, some owners may feel it tiresome. These dogs require a lot of attention and exercise as well.

Avoid getting a rat terrier if you don’t want to get independence

These dogs are smaller than other breeds. These dogs don’t have the same desire to please their owners like other dogs. So, you may need to give them a bit more training as well as socialization if you want to incorporate them into a family.

Don’t choose the Bernese mountain dog for a small space

You know, this dog breed is a very large dog. Indeed, they can be able to reach up to 100 pounds. Therefore, they require a lot of space to roam around. Furthermore, this breed is more expensive than other breeds.

Look For the Right Dog

Know how the dog you choose interacts with your family

When choosing a dog, you need to look at how the dog will interact with your family. If he seems to be playful with one member of your family while he backs away from another, you need to consider again carefully. It may be problematic.

Factor age into the equation

It’s important to consider not only your age but also the dog’s age when choosing a dog. Indeed, you shouldn’t choose a high-energy dog if you’re older. You may have to take them 2-3 times of walking a day. For young ones, you have to devote a great amount of time to them because they normally require a lot of work. It’s a mistake when choosing an elderly dog for those who want a dog that’s enthusiastic about playing.

Look at the dog’s demeanor

The fact is that a playful dog loves to play fetch as well as other games with their owners. A dog tends to hug the corner will be a good cuddle buddy. Thus, if you are finding ones that love to play fetch, consider a dog that bounces up to you.

Prepare a ball to play fetch with the dog

We recommend you to try playing fetch with the dog you want to choose. Then, you can determine whether the dog you choose is suitable for fetch.