January 1, 2022

Why do Dogs like Playing Fetch?

In addition to food and plenty of loving attention, your dog also loves a game or two of fetch. This game offers your dog the high energy. It’s easy to play. This game promises to give your dog some special joy from bringing a stick you throw back to you. However, many pet owners don’t know why their dogs love to play fetch. So, check out this article to get the answer to this question.

A doggy Instinct to Fetch

As you know, many dogs can be able to retrieve certain items for their owners. It means that many dogs can chase after objects we throw. They can use their mouth to pick up it and bring it back to us. Also, we can train our dogs to hunt and retrieve food for our family. In fact, the dogs are good at these tasks. A successful game of fetch includes 2 main components, including chasing and retrieving.

Dogs feel Good thanks to Playing Fetch

Thanks to chasing and retrieving, your dogs can get hooked quickly whenever they play fetch. When playing fetch with your dog, it’s important to see how much your dog is enjoying himself. In fact, he is capable of showing off his ingrained capabilities. You need to let him do best when playing fetch with him. Or you could teach him to use automatic dog ball thrower so he can play with  him self.

Normally, your dog doesn’t have any knowledge as well as skill in responding to your command. He only can flex his skills thanks to playing fetch. Playing fetch is also considered to be one of the best ways for your pet to exercise. It can make your furry friend feel good. So, he surely keeps playing fetch.

A Great Time for You and Your Dog

We can’t deny the fact that playing fetch provides a great time for you and your dog. In order to play this game with your pet, you don’t need much energy. This allows you to playfully engage with your pet as long as you want. This is actually an interactive game. It can be able to encourage the bond of your dog. You can choose to play this game with a long walk in the park. Also, you can combine it with a couple of additional training exercises.

Selective Breeding

The fact is that some dogs love playing fetch than others. For example, the Labrador retriever is able to hunt down as well as retrieve things for their owners. Dogs that inevitably passed on these skills will be good at playing fetch.

How to Train your dog to Fetch

The first important thing you need to do is to determine if your dog has an inclination towards fetch at all. In order to do this, you have to dangle an object such as a toy, a ball, or a stick in front of his face. Do this for a few seconds. Then, toss the object away in a short distance from him. Then, see whether your dog tries to chase the object you throw. If he does, it’s a good sign.

You should consider training your pet to chase over longer distances. If possible, do this in different locations. If you see your dog doesn’t like to chase the object, it’s time to spend a long time making your dog interested in the object before tossing it.

If your dog still is not interested in the object, you should try different toys such as tennis balls, Frisbees, or stuffed chew toys. It’s a good idea to praise and reward your dog when he brings the object back to you. Make sure to stop the game before your dog gets tired. The most important thing when training your dog to fetch is the consistency. After your training, your dog should feel excited to play with it. It means your dog has to understand the point of fetch first.

Your dog doesn’t fetch

Don’t worry if your dog isn’t interested in a game of fetch. He cannot chase the object you’ve tossed away. On the other hands, some dogs are interested in chasing but not retrieving. There may be some problems that can prevent your dog from participating in the game of fetch. Another problem is the jaw problem. It can make your dog hurt to pick up the object in his mouth. Besides, dogs with any leg injuries also don’t like to chase something. Thus, it’s important to determine the reason why your dog doesn’t fetch.

In order to handle this problem, we recommend you to have at least 2 different toys on the go. Sometimes, you may have to exchange them. Not at all your dog can understand why you’re tossing the object. In this situation, it’s best to start small. Try getting a specific thing for the game of fetch. Make sure you choose something your dog likes for the game of fetch.

Thomas Leavy

my name is Thomas Leavy. I am a founder of ballwurfmaschine-hund.com I have three dog, one pit bull named Jack, two golden shepherd named Leo and Loki, they love playing with balls.

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