March 21, 2022

How to Train Your Dog to Fetch

In fact, training a dog to fetch is an ideal method to build a bond with him. Also, this way is a great choice to release pent-up energy. If you have a sporting dog, you can teach your dog to fetch. Then, he can help you to perform certain tasks. It’s not too hard to learn how to train your dog to fetch. Let’s take a look at this article to learn how to train your dog to fetch using rewards.

How to Train a Puppy to Fetch

In order to train your dog to fetch, you need to give him a bit from other commands. Indeed, your dog needs to know how to follow a thrown item, and then use his mouth to pick it up. One of the best methods for this task is a method called back chaining. You can teach your pet by giving him a fetch toy, dummy, or ball. Teach him to take it by wriggling it around. Once your dog gets the fetching item, immediately praise as well as treat the moment your dog. It’s best to repeat this several times. Once again, praise him when he drops the item in your hands. If possible, you should entice your furry friend to pick up the fetching item again. Continue playing the game by repeating the above steps several times. For the next level you can teach him to use automatic balls launching machine.

Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Fetch

Start with chasing

First, you need to teach your dog to chase after the item you want him to fetch. You can do this in three ways. You can provide your dog treats, affection, or play for retrieving the chosen object. It’s essential to encourage him to go after the object he needs to fetch. Once he takes it, reward him with a wonderful gift. Then, take the item away. Repeat this a few times until your dog can chase the object.

Add extra motivation

In order to encourage your dog to give chase more, it’s best to keep your dog back after throwing the toy. Of course, he will tug against you. Most importantly, don’t forget to offer verbal encouragement while your dog is doing this.


After your dog can chase the item you give him to fetch, you need to teach him to bring it back to you. You can do many different things depending on your pet’s behavior. Once he doesn’t bring it back at all, it’s time to use a second toy. This way purposes to help your dog to get accustomed to the idea of running back to you.

Avoiding “keep away”

Many dogs are keen on catching the object as well as running off with it, you may need a help from a rope. When your dog catches the item, he surely pulls it towards you. You have to encourage your dog to follow you. If your dog can’t do that, you still should praise him. Next, toss the object again.  Then, repeat all the steps above. You may have to do this for a few weeks.

Getting the object back

If your dog, unfortunately, drops the object before reaching you, don’t be angry. Instead, you should back away and ask him to bring it. When he reaches the target, there’s no reason why you don’t offer him praise. Next, toss the item again.

Pick something your dog likes

Most importantly, your dog normally doesn’t like to chase after something if he doesn’t want it. Therefore, a great way is to experiment with different objects such as sticks, Frisbees, or balls. Then, you can determine the best one he is interested in.

Deal With Popular Puppy Fetch Problems

Not all dogs are keen on the fetching toy. There are some common problems you can see when training your dog to fetch. There is a complex chain of behaviors. In fact, some dogs are very picky about the items to fetch. That’s why you should try a variety of fetching toys. They should be from different shapes, sizes, and materials such as Frisbee, Kongs icon, dummies, dumbbell, tennis balls, and more. Another popular problem you may have to face is a tendency to want to play “keep away”. For this problem, we recommend you to try to call your dog and provide him with another toy. It’s best to make it extra appealing. If you see your dog drops the toy too early, you need to keep your dog out of sight the treats icon. By this way, you can make your dog come towards you with the toy in his mouth.

Benefits of Training Your Dog to Fetch

You can get many benefits from learning how to train your dog to fetch. If your dog loves to fetch, we advise you to enroll him in Flyball. This is actually a popular canine sport. Your dog has the opportunity to get plenty of exercises. In addition, by training your dog to fetch, you can also get an item for you. This trick is also great for you to impress family and friends. Moreover, this way is ideal to form a stronger bond.

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