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Why do Dogs like Playing Fetch?

In addition to food and plenty of loving attention, your dog also loves a game or two of fetch. This game offers your dog the high energy. It’s easy to play. This game promises to give your dog some special joy from bringing a stick you throw back to you. However, many pet owners don’t know why their dogs love to play fetch. So, check out this article to get the answer to this question.

A doggy Instinct to Fetch

As you know, many dogs can be able to retrieve certain items for their owners. It means that many dogs can chase after objects we throw. They can use their mouth to pick up it and bring it back to us. Also, we can train our dogs to hunt and retrieve food for our family. In fact, the dogs are good at these tasks. A successful game of fetch includes 2 main components, including chasing and retrieving.

Dogs feel Good thanks to Playing Fetch

Thanks to chasing and retrieving, your dogs can get hooked quickly whenever they play fetch. When playing fetch with your dog, it’s important to see how much your dog is enjoying himself. In fact, he is capable of showing off his ingrained capabilities. You need to let him do best when playing fetch with him. Or you could teach him to use automatic dog ball thrower so he can play with  him self. Normally, your dog doesn’t have any knowledge as well as skill in responding to your command. He only can flex his skills thanks to playing fetch. Playing fetch is also considered to be one of the best ways for your pet to exercise. It can make your furry friend feel good. So, he surely keeps playing fetch.

A Great Time for You and Your Dog

We can’t deny the fact that playing fetch provides a great time for you and your dog. In order to play this game with your pet, you don’t need much energy. This allows you to playfully engage with your pet as long as you want. This is actually an interactive game. It can be able to encourage the bond of your dog. You can choose to play this game with a long walk in the park. Also, you can combine it with a couple of additional training exercises.

Selective Breeding

The fact is that some dogs love playing fetch than others. For example, the Labrador retriever is able to hunt down as well as retrieve things for their owners. Dogs that inevitably passed on these skills will be good at playing fetch.

How to Train your dog to Fetch

The first important thing you need to do is to determine if your dog has an inclination towards fetch at all. In order to do this, you have to dangle an object such as a toy, a ball, or a stick in front of his face. Do this for a few seconds. Then, toss the object away in a short distance from him. Then, see whether your dog tries to chase the object you throw. If he does, it’s a good sign. You should consider training your pet to chase over longer distances. If possible, do this in different locations. If you see your dog doesn’t like to chase the object, it’s time to spend a long time making your dog interested in the object before tossing it.

If your dog still is not interested in the object, you should try different toys such as tennis balls, Frisbees, or stuffed chew toys. It’s a good idea to praise and reward your dog when he brings the object back to you. Make sure to stop the game before your dog gets tired. The most important thing when training your dog to fetch is the consistency. After your training, your dog should feel excited to play with it. It means your dog has to understand the point of fetch first.

Your dog doesn’t fetch

Don’t worry if your dog isn’t interested in a game of fetch. He cannot chase the object you’ve tossed away. On the other hands, some dogs are interested in chasing but not retrieving. There may be some problems that can prevent your dog from participating in the game of fetch. Another problem is the jaw problem. It can make your dog hurt to pick up the object in his mouth. Besides, dogs with any leg injuries also don’t like to chase something. Thus, it’s important to determine the reason why your dog doesn’t fetch.

In order to handle this problem, we recommend you to have at least 2 different toys on the go. Sometimes, you may have to exchange them. Not at all your dog can understand why you’re tossing the object. In this situation, it’s best to start small. Try getting a specific thing for the game of fetch. Make sure you choose something your dog likes for the game of fetch.

Best Dogs for Throw and Fetch Game

As a pet owner, we can play fetch with our dogs to bond and exercise. Most of us prefer to use our favorite toys for this game. Some dogs are good at playing fetch, catching the toy out of midair, and jumping. However, it may be hard to decide the right breed for you. In fact, most smart, energetic, and playful dogs love to fetch.  Check out this post to learn about the best dogs for fetch.

Decide the Breeds for Fetch

Border Collie

These dogs are playful, energetic, and smart dogs. Most of them like to fetch. Also, they are trainable as long as you give them new skills. Like Border Collie, you can also choose the Australian cattle dog. They are also smart and energetic.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are famous for their friendliness and intelligence. They can be able to make great family dogs due to these qualities. In addition, these dogs are famous for their retrieving skills. So, they become one of the best dogs for learning to play fetch. You can also choose a standard poodle for families. This breed also loves to fetch

Rat Terrier

If you are looking for a smaller breed for fetch, consider choosing a rat terrier. They can be able to hunt down small rodents. They are great choices for fetch due to their hunting nature. These dogs are smaller than other breeds.

English Springer Spaniel

This is a good choice for those who are looking for a medium-sized hunter. This breed is great for fetch. In fact, these dogs come with a good deal of energy. Also, they like to run as well as play with their families. For the English Springer Spaniel, they can weigh up to 45 pounds.

Bernese mountain dog

These dogs actually work on farms. That’s why they are listed here as one of the best choices for fetch. However, the Bernese tends to be calmer than other breeds. They are a good choice for families because they like to be around people.

Australian Shepherd

Like the Border Collie, these dogs are smart dogs. They can be able to work well in competitions. Furthermore, these dogs are also a loving family pet. They offer plenty of energy. So, they are an ideal choice for fetch.

Belgian Malinois

If you are looking for a good dog for fetch, you can choose the Belgian Malinois. This dog requires ample exercise time and mental stimulation for being happy and healthy.

Miniature Schnauzer

This dog also loves to fetch. These dogs are energetic dogs. They need playtime as well as interaction. So, they also love play fetch. Plus, the Miniature Schnauzer comes with a heart for human play time.

Nova Scotia Duck

This one is also worthy to be on our list today. These dogs have high energy. Especially, this breed is very responsive as well as incredibly friendly. They can be able to play for hours, including a game of fetch. Furthermore, this dog breed is very adorable with a beautiful coat.

Make sure you choose the Right Breed for You

Choose a dog breed that suits your lifestyle

It’s not best to choose a high-energy medium-to-large dog. You need to choose a breed depending on the time you will devote to your dog. If you have time to take your furry friend for a long walk or run regularly, you should choose this type of breed. These dogs can be able to walk or exercise regularly.

Skip smart breeds if you don’t have time

If you have a dog like border collies, you need to provide him a lot of attention and devotion as well. For this type, you need to have the resources and energy in order to devote them once you want to adopt one.

Don’t choose Golden Retriever if you look for a more mature dog

These dogs are actually perfect choices because they’re very friendly. But, these dogs stay in puppy mentality for longer than different dogs. This process may be up to 4 years. So, some owners may feel it tiresome. These dogs require a lot of attention and exercise as well.

Avoid getting a rat terrier if you don’t want to get independence

These dogs are smaller than other breeds. These dogs don’t have the same desire to please their owners like other dogs. So, you may need to give them a bit more training as well as socialization if you want to incorporate them into a family.

Don’t choose the Bernese mountain dog for a small space

You know, this dog breed is a very large dog. Indeed, they can be able to reach up to 100 pounds. Therefore, they require a lot of space to roam around. Furthermore, this breed is more expensive than other breeds.

Look For the Right Dog

Know how the dog you choose interacts with your family

When choosing a dog, you need to look at how the dog will interact with your family. If he seems to be playful with one member of your family while he backs away from another, you need to consider again carefully. It may be problematic.

Factor age into the equation

It’s important to consider not only your age but also the dog’s age when choosing a dog. Indeed, you shouldn’t choose a high-energy dog if you’re older. You may have to take them 2-3 times of walking a day. For young ones, you have to devote a great amount of time to them because they normally require a lot of work. It’s a mistake when choosing an elderly dog for those who want a dog that’s enthusiastic about playing.

Look at the dog’s demeanor

The fact is that a playful dog loves to play fetch as well as other games with their owners. A dog tends to hug the corner will be a good cuddle buddy. Thus, if you are finding ones that love to play fetch, consider a dog that bounces up to you.

Prepare a ball to play fetch with the dog

We recommend you to try playing fetch with the dog you want to choose. Then, you can determine whether the dog you choose is suitable for fetch.